Perfect Image came together by an idea that manufacturing specialized products which incorporated high-performance, validated ingredients would result in real change. Perfect Image quickly recognized this was something that the industry lacked, and that most products on the market simply did not have ingredients in effective concentrations.

The goal was to help people achieve a better image of themselves both externally and from within, by giving them that extra boost of confidence we all deserve. Perfect Image began research in 2006 with a team of chemists producing clinically advanced peel products for the skincare industry. The team focused entirely on safe, yet effective ingredient concentrations based on scientific studies and clinical research.

Since then, Perfect Image has experienced tremendous sales growth and has become one of the fastest growing, trusted, and innovative skincare companies in the peel industry. Perfect Image’s FDA registered and cGMP compliant facility uses scientifically advanced formulations to develop and manufacture professional, high quality, pharmaceutical grade (USP) products.

Our unique line of skin peels is developed using the latest research biotechnology and resources in the industry to formulate a solution focused entirely on yielding true satisfying results. We are excited to be able to offer specialized skin preparations to the professional skincare industry and to those who are in search of extraordinary results.





Perfect Image takes GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) very seriously. GMP guidelines are a large part of our quality control system for the testing of active ingredients, identity of raw materials, and meeting pharmaceutical standards within a finished product. Each batch is subjected to quality control measures consisting of assay testing, micro testing, and identity testing before it can be released from production. The production facility is FDA registered and cGMP compliant, ensuring all manufacturing steps are clearly defined, controlled, and validated for accurate consistency and compliance within specifications. Batch operations are carried out using documented procedures, and records are made to demonstrate all steps required by procedures and instructions necessary to produce the quality expected. GMP minimizes the risk of quality and inconsistency within a finished product, and any deviations are investigated and documented.


No Animal Testing


We do not conduct animal testing. Perfect image does not believe in the experimentation and testing of products on animals for any reason. Most animals are euthanized after being used in an experiment. Testing on animals is often of little use for predicting the effect of chemicals on human beings, which further undermines its method of assessing safety.


No Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates


Perfect Image is dedicated to providing safe products without the use of chemical preservatives such as parabens. Some clinical studies suggest parabens, although controversial may potentially have health risks. All of our product lines are paraben free, sulfate free, and phthalate free.

Our Service

We are committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity. Our team mission is to continue developing innovative products and aesthetic treatments to improve appearance and well-being and withhold a level of customer service above and beyond our competitors.



Perfect Image encourages everyone to take part, and work with us to make a positive difference in the critical issues that affect our environment. We believe as a business we have a responsibility to society, the environment, and to improving the well being of all those around us. Perfect Image provides packaging which it recyclable, very few items should require special attention. Additionally, all unusable paper, plastics, glass, and other components used in the manufacturing and shipping of Perfect Image products are recycled. Thank you for recycling.


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