Oceanic Gold Manuka Honey Skin Care is a 100% Australian owned company that has spent years in research and development to bring to perfection a skincare range using the purest natural ingredients combined with Manuka Honey


Bio-Active 20+, Ocean Minerals, Marine Collagen, Crushed Pearls and Botanical Extracts.

This combination results in a noticeable difference in skin from the very first application. Oceanic Gold is a true top tier luxury range with a natural background.


Oceanic Gold is completely Sulphate and Paraben free and does not test on animals.


Oceanic Gold Manuka Honey Skin Care takes full advantage of this powerful, natural product by using it as one of its primary ingredients in all of its products along with ocean minerals and Australian native plant extracts, producing a perfectly balanced range of products that is focused on delivering results each time, every time.

What is Manuka Honey ?

Manuka Honey is nature’s most potent and revitalizing compound for the skin. The rich mahogany honey crafted from New Zealand’s Manuka blossoms has proven anti-bacterial properties and contains powerful proteins that protect, nourish and heal your skin. It also regenerates skin cells, improves skin elasticity and assists with collagen production.  Oceanic Gold uses only the purest Manuka Honey rated at Bio Active 20+, which is one of the most potent ratings of Manuka Honey. It is at this concentrated level that the power of Manuka Honey truly works wonders on skin.


A blend of Manuka Honey Bio-Active 20+, Ocean Minerals, Marine Collagen, Crushed Pearls, and Botanical Extracts.


On its eternal quest for timeless beauty, the Essence of Oceanic Gold is a long history of creating luxurious, unparalleled skincare. From its early days in Australia to its gradual and steady expansion in India and around the world, this label has never stopped whisking people away with its natural approach to beauty and magical collections. The story of this house is to show you that beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.


A heritage of purity, precision and natural expertise! In a quest for ageless beauty and infinite luxury, Oceanic Gold goes beyond ordinary skincare to intercept beauty at its source. The rich mahogany honey crafted from New Zealand’s Manuka blossom possess antibacterial properties, and powerful proteins, which protect, nourish, and regenerate skin cells, improve skin elasticity and assist with collagen production. Such purity has led Oceanic Gold to become a highly regarded beauty trailblazer, thanks to its unparalleled assortment of prestige products and innovation.


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